Our Transfer Process:

At Habernig Productions, we know how important preserving your family's memories is.  We take pride and extra special care in maintaining the quality and life of the original format, all the same time converting it to a digital format that can be played on DVD players, computers, smartphones and even uploading your home movies to YouTube.  Maintaining as much quality from the original format is our goal.  

We work with both 8mm and Super 8mm film, and scan, rather then record a projection of the film. This ensures the film remains protected and minimizes the dirt, dust and hair that can be lodged throughout the projector and screen. This also prevents the film from being in close proximity to a hot bulb that can melt or disintegrate the film. 

For VHS transfers, we use professional floating head VHS players and convert to a high quality digital file.

All transfers include a basic color-correction and image repair if necessary. We don't want Uncle Lou to look purple at your parent's wedding video from 1980.

Included in all conversions, is accepting delivery through the digital storage and delivery service, Dropbox.  You do not need a dropbox account to download your files.  

All media transferred through our service is backed up and archived off-site.

Start your conversion order instantly by choosing the formats you are sending in to be converted, 8mm/Super 8mm reels, VHS and VHS-C Tapes.

Please specify how many of these reels you are submitting, as well as any special instructions or specific titles when converted to DVD or thumb drive filenames. 

Once you have created and paid for your order, you can start to box up your reels and tapes then mail it to 

Habernig  Productions

P.O. Box 3785

Kingston, NY 12402

If you reside close to the Kingston, New York area, pick up and delivery of materials could be arranged to save on shipping costs.


VHS Tapes
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VHS-C Tape
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Optional Add-Ons:

Thumbdrive Delivery

Please add a thumbdrive for every 4 hours converted. 

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Additional DVD Copies

Please specify quantity for additional DVD copies. Each copy would be an exact replica of the disc included.

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Most jobs are completed and returned within 7 business days.  Feel free to call us at 1-800-520-6303 with any questions.